Because there is no planet B – ECOALF (Spain)

The brand was founded in 2009 out of the frustration of founder Javier Goyeneche over how thoughtless we spend the natural recourses of the earth and how much trash we produce.

His vision was to create a Brand which is truly sustainable. That’s why he developed the idea to recycle trash like fishnets, plastic bottles, used car wheels and even coffee ground.

Because of his revolutionary ideas the Brand already had cooperation’s with huge companies like Apple, Starbucks and Barney New York and was seen in top Magazines like Vogue Spain, GQ, Harpers Bazaar and Forbes Magazine.
Ecoalf shows that it’s possible to create products that can keep up with non-recycled products when it comes to design and technical qualities which is their way of telling world that it’s not necessary to waste the natural resources of our planet.

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